Welcome to Income Digitizer.

I am a Finnish (check my usual whereabouts below), 27-year-old guy with Master´s Degree in Marketing. I have created this site to share my learnings around digital business in an easily digestible, straight-to-the-point format.

Story Behind Income Digitizer

The name for this site derives from my interest for creating income with digital platforms and the unique benefits that come with it. By working digitally, you can create income through work that is:

Location Independent

Location independent work is rather self-explanatory: things I talk about in this site are such nature. A laptop and internet connection and you are set! It is up to you (and your financial situation ) whether you want to run your operations in New York or in the middle of nowhere in a Finnish countryside.

Highly Automatizable

Automatization has been often assimilated with passive income. That term has received a lot of negative stigma. Contrary to some snake oil salesmen may tell you, it is not a get rich quick scheme. However, when having healthy expectations and willingness to put in the work you can find passive income to give drastical benefits in your life.

Best description I have heard for passive income is one from Indian-American entrepreneur and investor Naval Ravikant: Money that is not tied directly to our time.

Could you further elaborate this? Sure! Let´s talk about Lisa.

Lisa works in the field of digital marketing. He writes an article about a certain product which readers find their way to for many years. Lisa spent 20 hours carving out this content. Along that content, Lisa has added affiliate links. When readers purchase through these links, Lisa receives a part from those sales.

Furthermore, Lisa has advertisements on her site where the given content is located. She receives income from those ads as well. So, those 20 hours Lisa put in can generate income for years ahead, only requiring her a few additional hours here and there to keep the content up to date. Otherwise, the money keeps rolling in, even when Lisa herself rolls in bed in her sleep. This an example where the creation of income is not directly related to time. Example of a work directly related to time could be one of a factory worker. For that person, income is only created during those hours he is working.


Self-reliance is something I believe many of us reach for. The modern digital world we live in gives us a possibility to start an own endeavor with minimal capital.

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